Theresa Volpp is an abstract painter currently based in Berlin.
The artist's work is highly process based, she sees herself as a collector of images as well as an image maker. In her abstract paintings Volpp works with the gesture as a kind of signature. Having a background in Graffiti, mark making has followed her for quite some time. The gesture, which is produced by a movement of the artist's body, becomes a signature by its repetition. Intentionally disruptive elements in her paintings add another layer to her work.
The surrounding space, be it the canvas itself, a room, or public space (the city) is also important to the artist as it always stands in conversation with the painting or painted elements. By traveling extensively during the past years, Volpp got used to taking a lot of pictures with her camera and nowadays mostly with her phone. She uses it as a way of producing images and work when she doesn't have the possibility of being in the studio. A way to see and to reflect her surrounding as well as to support the feeling of being present in the world. Volpp is in constant search for form, color, material, perspective, movement etc. This way of thinking through images influences her painting process. Volpp explains it as "seeing photography and painting equally as forms of picture making, of creating certain aesthetics, while each photograph and painting somehow function rather as sketches, which later find their position in the bigger picture of my practice."
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