Theresa Volpp, (*1988 in South Germany), studied at the HfbK Hamburg and completed her MFA in Fine Arts at the Goldsmiths University of London. Back in Germany, she continued studying in the class of Katharina Grosse at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Although all those different artistic influences inform the artist’s work, the focus of her work lies increasingly on the canvas, as a limiting and art historically-loaded, medium. Her aim is to test out new spaces inside this given limitation or as the artist describes it herself: "I want painting to originate an open space that doesn‘t follow any concept, rule or restriction. I want painting to represent its own being, that includes not always knowing what it is. Abstract painting is an inevitable choice, in my eyes, as it doesn‘t suggest any known image or idea and is connected to the world through its pure materiality. This dialogue between an abstract idea and language and the very concrete materiality of paint itself interests me."
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